Shimpaku Junipers Galore

I usually like to spend my early Spring repotting deciduous trees, and leave the conifers for late Spring. Now’s the time to work on my Shimpakus. I’ll first repot the air layers I put into pots during fall of last year. I love how Shimpaku are so easy to air layer, I got loads of roots for all three air layers. I’ve decided to experiment to see how well the trees will develop in the ground, versus in the colanders. In order to ensure the roots are still spreading while plotted in the ground, I tied the tree to a piece of flag stone, before putting it into the ground. The other two air layers, I just spread out the roots and potted them into the colanders.

The parent plant of one of these air layers is almost complete. Just one more air layer then it’ll be complete.

Hopefully by fall, I’ll have another air layer full of roots.


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