Hawthorn Moves Into a Pot

This Hawthorn was collected last spring, and has been in the ground to aid its recovery. The buds on the Hawthorn have began to swell, therefore, it’s a good time to dig it out of the ground, and pot it into a pot (colander). Also, the pesky rabbit have been coming around every day and nibble off a few branches. Repotting it and moving it into a safer location seems like a good idea. When I dug the tree out, there are a few roots which developed further, but the roots are no where close to how my colander potted trees develop their roots.

I had to further cut down the thick roots in order for the tree to fit into colander. The reciprocating saw made quick work of that. Cutting the thick roots wasn’t much of an issue, because a majority of them didn’t have any fine roots hanging from them anyways. I was hoping to have more roots, but hopefully after going into the colander, roots will quickly develop. In the meanwhile, I’ll try not to disturb the roots as much as possible, in hopes of a quick recovery from the potting shock. Here’s what the tree looks like bare rooted.

The tree is now potted. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up cutting off a lot of excess branches. But in the meanwhile, I’ll let it grow and develop more roots. I might end up trying out some air-layering of the thicker branches come spring.


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