First Repot of Seedlings

The seedlings have hit somewhat of a snag and wasn’t growing much further. I’m afraid the medium that I grew the seedlings in, break down much too easily, and is suffocating the roots. I’ve decided to repot the seedlings into new potting medium. Namely, I’ll be repotting the two Trident Maple seedlings, and the one Japanese Apricot (Prunus Mume) into their own pots.

Potting of the Trident Maples are straight forward, I simply pot them into one small colander. The colander will hopefully help with root development. When potting the seedlings, I made sure the roots are spread out, such that a better nebari will result in the future.

Potting of the Prunus Mume is a bit more complex. I read somewhere that by threading the seedling into a ceramic dish with a hole drilled in, will produce some interesting results. As the seedling grows and thickens, the ceramic dish will act as an air-layer for the tree, and new roots will develop over the dish, forming a nice nebari.

I then proceeded to secure the seedling with wire, and then filled the colander with soil.

Can’t even see any signs of the ceramic dish at all. After a few days, I’ve noticed that leaves of the tree began to droop. This can be caused by damage to the root system while trying to fit them through the ceramic dish. The best way to help the tree recover is to provide sufficient humidity. I proceeded to wrap the plant in a clear plastic bag (with the top of the bag open), such that humidity can be maintained. The tree is now recovering beautifully. In a few more weeks, I’ll be able to move the plant outside, where hopefully it’ll be able to grow in full strength.

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