Jade Tree Repot

During the winter months, all my native trees are either buried in the ground, or dormant. Therefore the winter months are rather boring. Good thing there are tropical trees to help me through this lull. This is where my jade trees come in handy. Over the last year, its branches have developed such that the front doesn’t look right anymore. In fact, the left branches are blocking the trunk movement.

JadeTo mitigate this concern, I decided to report the tree and find it another front. My rotating the tree clockwise a bit, the new front does not block the trunk movement.

Jade with new frontAs expected, the roots of Jade trees grows quite profusely. After trimming down the roots, the tree will define a finer root system, and it’ll fit more nicely into the pot as well.

Jade with roots reducedNow all that’s required is to tie the tree down into the pot with another angle.

Jade Repotted with New FrontThis tree should do well in this pot for another year or two.



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