Brush Cherry Trees Overgrown

The Brush Cherry cuttings I obtained two years ago, are now growing very vigorously in their individual pots. As they continue to grow, I can see a single root getting thicker and thicker, and in some cases, even pushing out and protruding out of the soil. Rather than having a single root that overwhelms all the others, it would be desirable to have spreading roots of equal girth radiating out from the base of the tree. One way to avoid a single root taking over, is to root prune it, to ensure the other roots are given a chance to thicken up.

Brush Cherry Overgrown

Since these are tropical trees, they are pretty much growing all year round, so repotting it now shouldn’t be a concern.

Coincidentally, I also found these very small colanders at a dollar store. Since they are the perfect size for these 2-4 yr old trees, I simply bought a dozen.

I repotted all three Brush Cheery Trees, and pruned the roots heavily, to ensure the vigor of the heavy roots are reduced. In order to balance the tree, I also heavily pruned the branches and leaves. I ensured a sacrifice branch or two are left to continue thicken up the trunk.

Brush Cherry Repotted and Pruned

Brush Cherry Repotted and Pruned

Brush Cherry Repotted and Pruned

They will now rest under semi-shade for a week, at which time, they’ll be brought back into full sun to continue their fattening up!


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