Seeds Sprouted

I got a bunch of seeds from a month or so back. Since they ship from Montreal, they arrived quite quickly. As usually, I immediately put the seed through scarification and warm/cold stratification as required. Of the seeds I got, only the Japanese White Pine and Korean Hornbeam required warm stratification. The rest went into the fridge for cold stratification right after the scarification process.

After a month of warm stratification, I noticed that two of the Japanese White Pines were already sprouting. One of them actually sent out quite a long tapping root already.

White Pine Seed Budding

Luckily I already had some bonsai soil ready, so I quickly potted the two Japanese White Pines into their own pots. After a week, they’re now growing strong, and the false leaves can be seen emerging from the seed.

White Pine Seeding

White Pine Seedling

The seed with the long tapping root needed some wiring to help it grow straight up. For the time being, I’m not too concerned about the roots under the soil, since I’m planning to make seedling cuttings out of these anyways.

I’ve also noticed that one of the Zelkova serrata seeds have also sprouted a root. I also potted it up. Since I don’t know how they respond to seedling cutting, I probably will not risk it, and let it develop fully in the pot.

Zelkova Seeding

My Japanese Red Pine also completed its 30 day cold stratification. I proceeded to sow them in bonsai soil. There are 17 of them in total, they all went into the pot, evenly spaced out. Since they wouldn’t occupy the whole pot, I left one side for the next batch of seeds coming out of cold stratification.

Red Pine Seed Planted

It’s been one week, and still no activity from the Japanese Red Pines. I sure hope I didn’t get a bad batch of seeds.


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