Chinese Elms Separated

I got a bunch of Chinese Elms cuttings from one of the TBS’s demonstrations. I got home and quickly strike them all into bonsai soil. Most of them developed well, other than the thicker branches which didn’t take. It’s gotten to a point where the pot was getting crowded, and it’s time to separate them into their own individual pots. The hottest days of summer has also passed, so the trees are starting to grow again. Also given that they are tropical trees, you can really repot them whenever. I figured it’s a good time to repot them now, so in they go to their own individual pots!

Chinese Elm Repotted

I ended up with eleven individual plants. There are still five or six that didn’t have a good root structure, for which I just left in the pot, hoping to one day develop them into a forest planting. Now my biggest concern is where to house these plants over the winter months. I’ll figure it when I get closer to winter. Maybe it’s time to order some more grow lights.


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