Mini Jade Raft Style

Jade trees are very good at putting out new roots, and they’re also very good at thickening as well. I started this particular tree from a cutting two years ago, and now it has developed into a pretty thick trunk. I would want to develop a new crown, which will allow more tapering of the trunk. Rather than cutting off the existing crown, and creating a whole bunch of cuttings, I’ve decided to create a raft style from it. A month ago I started writing the branches in place, styling them as if they were individual trees.

Jade raft style on parent plant

It is now ready to be removed from the plant. I cut off the crown, and planted it sideways in a shallow pot.

Jade raft style potted

There are a lot of leaves in this huge cutting, so it’ll be prone to dehydration. I’ll be keeping it in shade to give it an opportunity to develop new roots. The benefit of August is that the plants are fully growing again, which should help with its recovery.


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