Detaching Air-Layer

Since two weeks ago, I’ve realized there were roots visible from the bag of the Shimpaku air layer. At first, one of the roots were red, while the other root was white. The white root continues to elongate, while the red one has ceased to elongate. I waited a week for the white root to also turn red.

Roots in Shimpaku air layer

It is now ready to be separated from the parent plant.

Shimpaku air layer cutted off

I simply cut off the air layer from right below the peeled bark.

Shimpaku roots visible

The two roots are clearly visible here. I’m hoping there are more roots within the moss.

Shimpaku air layer secured in pot

I removed the plastic and secured the plant with moss intact. I threaded two wires from the bottom of the pot, and tied the plant securely in place. Tying it down ensures the roots have a chance to develop. I then filled in the space with bonsai soil, while using a chopstick to ensure no air pockets exist.

Shimpaku air layer all potted

The plant is now fully potted. It will remain in semi shade to help it adjust to the reduced root support. Come next spring, I’ll consider removing all moss, and repot it into full bonsai soil.


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