Summer End Update

Summer is coming to an end, and the trees are starting to grow again. Here’s an update on what I’ve done to the trees to prepare for some autumn growth.

First up, is the Shimpaku (or Blauii). Looking at the foliage of this tree, I’m now more convinced that it’s a Blauii. The foliage on this tree has a bluish tinge to it. Regardless of whether it’s Shimpaku or Blauii, it’s developing some good ramification. This summer, I’ve wired a few of the smaller branches, to make the shapes more defined. Rather than having big pads of single layer foliage, I’ve also layered each individual pad to make it look like a cloud of foliage. I’ll not be working on this tree for the coming season. I’ll just be pinching out new growths to ensure it retains its shape.

Juniper After Refinement

Next up is the tree I collected during my first year of bonsai. It was a small seedling when I collected it from the side of a jogging path. It’s now grown to be a small little dual trunk. This summer I styled it for the first time. Last year I defoliated this tree very late in the season, and it didn’t leave back. This year, I defoliated it earlier, and it leaved back nicely. Next spring I’ll be moving it into a nicer pot.

Maple After Initial Styling

Here’s the honeysuckle. When I repotted it this spring, all it had was one small root. I was surprised that it survived. Seeing that all the other trees responded well to pruning by putting out new growths, I figured I would prune this one too. But sadly it didn’t put out any more new growth. I won’t mess with it any more this year, I’ll give it some time to recover, and hopefully it’ll be healthier next year, so that I can work on it a bit more.

Honeysuckle After Pruning

This is the Hackberry I got from Derk’s backyard (for free) social last year. Earlier, I wanted to start an air layer with the top portion of the tree, but it never took, and ended up killing everything from the air layer upwards. I end up cutting off all the deadwood, then started working with what I have below. Perhaps due to the lost of the foliage, the tree responded by putting out a lot of new growths. The tree is looking a bit overgrown now, I’m wiring the new growths downwards, to make shaping them easier in the future.

Hackberry with Top Removed

The last one is the Japanese Quince. This year I’m trying to develop the ramification, and branching of the tree. I’m looking to develop this one as a clump style. Wiring down those small twiggy branches with such close proximity to other branches has proven to be challenging. I’m letting the centre branch grow out to thicken the middle tree. For some reason, the middle trunk is substantially weaker than the rest of the plant…

Japanese Quince Pruned and Styled


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