Sculpting Deadwood

This tree was rescued from a construction site a few years back. It was growing beside a fence, causing the trunk to have some pretty interesting movement. When I first saw the tree, the duel trunk appealed to me. Over the years, it became apparent that the division was to far up the main trunk, with no girth difference between the two trunks. As the tree gets accustomed to its new potted environment, and new growths formed, the duel trunk looks to be more of an eyesore than an asset. This year, I decided to turn one of the trunks into a Shari. Early spring I removed all the growth on that trunk. With no foliage to support the trunk, it died back to the next branch. The branch had several months to dry out. This wood was very dense, making it difficult to create a Shari by striping the bark. I decided to do some carving with a rotary tool.

Bush Before SculptingA close-up of the deadwood…


I bought a rotary tool of Canadian Tire when they had a clearance sale, which netted out to be around $30. I then purchased a few bits from online for a few dollars.

Since there isn’t much to do over summer time, I decided to carve the Shari. The goal is to make the Shari interesting, with valleys and crevices. I was quite pleased with my sculpturing skills.

Deadwood SculptedI then proceeded to put a torch against the carved wood to remove any fibrous wood splinters. This also gave an aged look to the wood.

Burned off FibersA few scrub of a wired brush blends in the shades of colors.

The final touch is to paint it over with lime sulphur. I added a few drops of dark ink to ensure it is not stark white.

Applied Lime SulphurI think the result is quite good given it is my first try at sculpting Shari. I would definitely try it again in the future. The tree as a whole looks much more defined now.

Tree with Shari


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