Literati Larch

I repotted and styled a literati Larch a few months back (see here). The larch has since responded vigorously and put out a lot of leaves. In fact, the tree looks somewhat bushy, and detracts from its literati appearance.

Larch with Moss

During the June club meeting yesterday night, I learned that larches can be defoliated as well. Defoliation will stimulate more ramifications, with smaller leave size. Defoliating the tree also allowed me to take a closer look at the branching.

Larch After Defoliage

The main and secondary branch have obviously moved up since the last time I looked at it. I’m guessing it could be because of the tree’s natural tendency to reach upwards. This can be simply fixed by wiring the branches down again, to provide for a more aged character for the tree.

Literati Larch Wired

This tree has gone through a lot of abuse this season. I’ll be letting it sit on the branch to recover.


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