Initial Styling of the Literati Larch

This larch wasn’t too impressive when I got it last summer. It was a tree with no lower branches, with a trunk that doesn’t have much movement. I spent some time last year to eventually bend the trunk with the help of a guy wire. Eventually, I was able to deform the trunk into some pretty interesting movement.

Larch Before Styling

Larches are very springy trees, after releasing the guy wire, it bounced back substantially. Thankfully, it still kept much of the shape. Since there were no lower branches, and the trunk is long and narrow, it fits well into a literati style.

Larch After Styling and Repot

Literati looks best in a round pot, it extenuates the thin and skinny nature of the tree.

I’m actually quite impressed with how this tree turned out. The pot really brings a lot of character to the tree. Now I understand why people spend so much on pots…

In a few days, the buds started to come out!

Larch Literati

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