Repot Burning Bush

The weekend was very warm, and I could see the leave buds wanting to pop open. It’s the tree trying to tell me that its waking up from its dormancy, and ready to be repotted.

Burning Bush Swelling Buds

I was amazed how efficient the strainer helped the tree develop its roots. When I pulled the tree from the strainer, it had a large root ball, with a lot of fine roots.

Burning Bush Repot

This is wonderful news, because this meant I can be more liberal in root pruning. This allowed me to remove the hideous root to the left of the above picture, which grew higher in the trunk above all the other roots.

Burning Bush Out of Pot

Here’s what the tree looked like before I did any work on the root ball.

Burning Bush Root Trimmed

After a lot of pruning, I was able to trim the roots down to the size of the pot. I’m hoping that since this is a deciduous tree, it’ll be able to recover well from the extensive root pruning. After trying to fit the tree in the pot, it turns out some roots extended vertically down, forcing the tree to stand in the pot much higher than I wanted. Since there were a lot of roots spread horizontally, I went ahead and took a saw to the bottom of the tree, and removed the downward pointing roots.

Burning Bush Bottom Trimmed

After taking a saw to it, I proceeded to use a knob cutter to nibble away at the thick roots to further reduce the height of the root ball. I finally got the tree to fit comfortably into the pot. I basically chose this pot out of necessity. I only have two pots of this size to choose from. I think the colour should work well when the tree turns burning red in autumn.

Burning Bush PottedOn the next day, I proceeded to open up the cutting paste I put on last year, and see how well the tree has healed.

Burning Bush Healing 1

Since there were some very major cuts, it’s taking a while to heal over. But I was very happy how much progress it made in one year. In hopes of speeding up the healing process, I’ll re-expose the cambium layer to kick start the healing process.

Burning Bush Healing 2

I then reapply some fresh cutting paste, to help it’s healing process along. The cutting paste also avoids any infection.

Burning Bush Healing 3

That’s it! Now the tree is left in full sun to help its speedy recovery. Hope to see the buds break out soon with lots of leaves!


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