Salvage Operation

The construction site close to my home has recently sold land for development purposes, and looking at the new site plan, a location will be excavated to make way for the new development. There are currently many cotoneasters in the location, all of which has been growing in the ground for the past six years. Since the site is south facing, the trees has put on some very good growth, and have thicken up significantly from their nursery days.

Since they would’ve been dug up and thrown out when the site development begins, I decided to rescue a few of the more promising trees. I ended up picking up three threes from the lot. I contemplated saving more trees, but the rest either didn’t have an impressive trunk, wouldn’t look good as a bonsai, or looks too sickly to survive the collection. Since these trees all started out as nursery plants, they all have significant root mass right below the trunk, so, I wouldn’t be too concerned about their survival rate.

Below is a roaster of the collected trees.

Cotoneaster Collected

A very interesting double trunk. I can see some good tapper in both trees. After I’m sure of it’s survival, I’ll be doing some strong pruning to whip it into shape.

Cotoneaster Collected

This is a tree with a very prominent trunk. There’s a lot of branches spawning off the main trunk. I might develop this one as an informal upright, or a slanted style.

Cotoneaster Collected

This is a very straight formal upright in my opinion. Will need to reduce some of the parallel branches to reduce some of the reverse taper that all these branches are causing.

I’m very happy with these trees. They’re now all resting in my sun room where they’re somewhat sheltered from the elements. When it gets constantly warmer in a few weeks, I’ll be moving them outside and exposing them to a lot of sun. The sun should help speed up the healing process.


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