Japanese Black Pine Repot

I’ve had this black pine for several years now, and I’ve been putting off repotting it last year. This year though, the roots have literally pushed the plant up from the pot. I think it’s time to repot, in hopes of giving more room to grow roots, and hopefully the bigger pot will also speed up its development. I plan to do the repot, then let it grow undisturbed for the rest of the year. I dug the tree from the ground, and looked at the growths, they were showing a good green color, and has began to move, so it looks prime for a repot.

Japanese Black Pine Unearthed

There’s a big sacrificing branch to the left that I’ll allow to develop further, which will effectively help to thicken the trunk. The tree has many healthy roots, so I’m happy with the health of the tree, and am very confident that it’ll survive the repotting exercise. There is a big mass of roots near the top of the pot, I’m somewhat amazed the roots didn’t reach further down into the pot.

Japanese Black Pine Repotted

Repotting the tree into the colander makes the tree look very small, but that’s a good thing, since I plan to let the tree grow in the colander for many years to come. Also, since I’m using a pure inorganic medium, I don’t have to worry about the medium decomposing and suffocating the roots. Also, the colander will allow for a lot of air to permeate into the medium, which, from last year’s experience (with other trees in colanders), helps immensely to roots development.

Aftercare of black pines should be taken with caution, since they can be very finicky to insults. The tree currently is resting in shade (only gets 3 hrs of sun), and will be slowly moved out to more sunshine in the coming weeks.


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