Honeysuckle Repot

Recently the weather has been very warm, and all the snow has melted. The Honeysuckle I buried into the ground for the winter is now exposed, and a pool has formed in the pot. This tells me that the medium is not draining, and no air is getting to the roots. If I were to wait a few weeks until Spring, I’m afraid the roots would have suffocated and I’ll end up with a dead tree. I decided to repot the tree into a colander with some very airy medium, to help the tree develop its roots.

When I uprooted the tree, I was surprised that the tree was grown mostly in perlite. And since the perlite particles were very small, it was forming a dense impenetrable mass. After removing the perlite, I was even more surprised how little roots there were. I didn’t cut off any of the roots, I even left a very long runner root intact. My primary concern right now is the survival of the tree. I kept my disturbance of the roots to a minimum, and repotted the tree into a pure diamataceous earth medium.

Honeysuckle Repotted


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