Chinese Elm Cuttings

There was a Chinese Elm repotting demonstration at the Toronto Bonsai Society club meeting on Monday. After the repotting, I salvaged some cuttings. My plan is to get them to root. Over the years, I have accumulated much experience in rooting cuttings. I’ve experienced very good results last year, and have exceptionally good results with tropical trees. I hope these Chinese Elm cuttings is no exception. I really like the small leaves that these Chinese Elm produces, really gives good perspective to the overall bonsai. I made a conscious effort to keep some leave buds on the cuttings to promote root development.

There are few thicker cuttings, which are substantially thicker than anything I’ve rooted before. I’m hoping they will root, if they do, it’ll cut a few years off development of the tree.

Chinese Elm Cuttings

The cuttings are now kept inside my little green house, under lights, and on top of bottom heating. These should be the optimal environment for cuttings to strike. The proof is in the pudding. I’ll know after a few weeks, how many of these cuttings will survive. One thing that concerns me is that, if they all take, where would I keep them over the winter… But I guess I’ll worry about that if/when I have that issue.


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