Jade Trees All Grown Up

The jade trees I got as cuttings in Sept 2014, have now developed sufficient roots to be moved into their own pots. Last month, I’ve moved two of the more well developed ones into their own pots, without any pruning done to them. The deeper pots will hopefully help them grow faster, quicker.

The remaining ones are filling in nicely too, so I decided to pot them up into their own pots. The first one is a tree that looks good by itself, so I potted it into a small plastic bonsai pot to see how well it’ll develop. One idea is to contrast this one growing in the relatively smaller pot, to the ones growing in the deeper pots, to see whether it creates a significant difference.

Jade Tree Bonsai

The remaining three jade trees are of varying girth. So I grabbed a very shallow pot, and made a forest planting out of them. To my surprise, other than one of the trees (the left one), the other two didn’t have much roots. So, I was somewhat constrained as to where to position the trees. I needed to position the trees right above the drainage holes such that I can stabilize them with a piece of wire.

Jade Trees - Forest Planting

I would have preferred to have the left tree further in front, and the right tree further to the right. But this would have to do for now, until I’m able to get them to develop more roots. Maybe I’ll repot them again after they’ve put up some good growth over the summer time.

As for all the branches I pruned from the forest planting… they all go into a cutting development tray, and in a year or two, hopefully I’ll have more materials for another forest planting.


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