Acquired Two Trees

I was in the sales area of the Toronto Bonsai Society Fall Show and purchased two round pots for my literati larch and slanted Shimpaku. I also picked up two trees while I was there. One of them was a Shimpaku with pretty nice movement. For $30, it was a bit pricing in comparison to the two trees I obtained from the auction several months back.


The movement reminded me of the dragon from Dragon Balls, as it emerges from the 7 Dragon Balls… Regrettably, the girth of the trunk is rather thin, but I plan to thicken it by overpotting it into a colander next Spring.

Originally, that was all the purchases I would’ve made that day, but while I was waiting for my ride, I saw Paul Chong came and purchased a Honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica). I overlooked them since these trunks didn’t have much foliage on them. After Paul pointed out they had interesting trunk movement in them, I went back and took a closer look. As a result, picked up one for $20.


There are two obvious growths from the top of the main (left) trunk. I particularly like how the deadwood is shaped at the right of this tree. Depending on how the buds form along the main trunk, this deadwood can act as the first branch of the tree, adding much drama to the movement of the tree.

Upon closer inspection, there are several buds forming along the trunk, as well as at the foot of lower left.

Buds on Honeysuckle

I’ll probably be disregarding the buds forming in the lower right (along the soil line), since it does little to my final composition. I would try to induce more growth along the middle of the main trunk.

Even more buds on Honeysuckle


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