Treating Deadwood

I’ve noticed the deadwood on the two Shimpaku I obtained from the auction was looking rather unimpressive. Since it’s fall, and nothing much can be done to the trees at this stage, I’ve decided to apply some lime sulphur to the trunk to add some contrast between the deadwood and the live bark of the trees.

I first started with the younger tree, this has some deadwood exposed near the back of the tree. Since the deadwood is mostly exposed to the back, I figured it’s a good opportunity for me to experiment applying lime sulphur. Even if anything bad is to happen, it wouldn’t affect the tree too much. The tree has gone through much neglect before I obtained it during the summer auction. It is evident from the moss growing on the trunk.

Dirty Deadwood

I started by brushing away the moss and cleaning up the deadwood with a nylon brush. I simply sprayed the area with water and started brushing away the gunk.

Surface Cleaned

After the surface was cleaned, spray the deadwood again with water, and then begin applying the lime sulphur. Spraying the deadwood prior to applying the lime sulphur allows the lime sulphur to soak better into the deadwood. Without the water on the deadwood, the lime sulphur runs on top of the deadwood rather than being absorbed.

Applying Lime Sulphur

When the lime sulphur was first applied, it carries a yellowish tinge. Once the lime sulphur dries, the deadwood becomes bone white. For those who dislike the stark contrast between the deadwood and live bark, can opt to taint the lime sulphur with a drop of ink. But since I personally enjoy the contrast, I just applied the lime sulphur as is.

After Lime Sulphur Applied

After completing the above Shimpaku, I then proceeded to apply lime sulphur to the other Shimpaku. I was amazed how distinct it looked with the deadwood and live veins clearly defined.

After Lime Sulphur Applied


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