This past weekend I attended the Toronto Bonsai Society’s year end social / BBQ. During the event, there was a silent auction for trees belonging Dick Morton’s collection. There were tropicals as well as winter hardy trees. Since my collection did not compose of any junipers, I took the plunge and bid on two Blawii junipers. I originally wanted to acquire a Shimpaku, but since there were none available. The poor man’s version of the Shimpaku (a.k.a. Blauii) would do. After some bidding, I walked away with two Blawii junipers.

I got this one for $50. Given the current devaluation of the Canadian dollar, this is a steal. This tree’s first and second branches are already very well developed, I probably wouldn’t be able to move them much given their thickness. Come fall time, I’ll try to reposition some of the branches, what ever is movable.

Blauii Juniper

I won this other Blawii for $50. This other one is still relatively young, and has more potential to shape into my own creation. The top is very heavy on this one. Next Spring, I’ll get to style this tree. It does have some nice movements in the trunk, will need to repot it to a different angle.

Blauii Juniper

Dierk was also giving some trees he was trying to get rid off. I picked up a Hackberry and a Pagoda Dogwood. These two will allow me to learn about these two species. Here is the Hackberry. It has a thick trunk, but no tapering at all. The plan is to trunk chop it next Spring and see how it reacts. If it dies, it dies. It was free anyways.


This is the Pagoda Dogwood.

Pagoda Dogwood

I will be doing a trunk chop on this one too, since the upper portion is too straight. The trunk lower to the nebari is considerably more interesting.

Pagoda Dogwood

This tiny thing will probably be new leader next Spring. This Spring looks to be an interesting season.


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