Styling the Boxwood

After the dramatic styling of the boxwood some time ago, the tree is recovering well and putting out some vigorous new growths. I decided to put the other boxwood (which I also bought at the same time) through some styling as well.

Boxwood before styling

The tree looks too tall for the thickness of the trunk. Also there are a few bar branches which I don’t know what to do with. The tree as it is, looks quite dull and doesn’t exhibit hold age. Going with the idea that less is more, I decided to remove the whole top, and use the third branch as the new leader. The third branch was too thick in comparison to the secondary branch. By using it as the new leader, I can introduce some tapering to the tree as well.

Boxwood styled

So this is my new tree. I think it looks more graceful and elegant. I had to bend down and twist the first branch to have it looking the way I like it. Which caused the wires to bite in a bit. I’ll decide what to do with the scars later on. For now, I just want branches where I want them.


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