Black Pine Training

The trunk on the black pine is awfully straight and uninteresting. After inspecting the roots, I’ve decided on a new front. I wrapped the trunk with some thick gauge wire, and started bending. The last time I took out the wires, the tree popped right back into it’s straight form. I’ll try to leave this wire on the tree for as long as possible. As such, I tried to wire it losely, such that it won’t start to bite into the trunk in the near future.

After making the first bend, the tree actually looks more interesting using the main branch as the new leader. I then decided this will be my new tree. The new apex also has more compact internodes. In a few more years, as the tree gets thicker, this should turn out to be an interesting tree.

For the time being, I’m leaving the sacrifice branch in place. I’ll be removing it later, potentially early next Spring. I’ll be using another back branch as the new sacrifice branch.

Black Pine bent sideways

A closeup of the new tree.

Black Pine with new leader


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