More Potentillas

Since the Potentilla I purchased from Walmart was putting out some new growth and looking good. I wanted to rescue another Potentilla from Walmart. I went there the past weekend in hopes of bringing home another Potentilla. After digging through the trees for a few minutes, I chose a tree. The lady in charge of the garden centre then told me to ask the cashier to take another 50% off the scanned price. Which netted $3.50 for the tree. It was a deal too sweet to ignore, I ended up bringing home all three Potentillas. After bringing the trees home, I began styling and repotting the trees.

The first tree I worked on was the tree that I originally chosen. It had a single defined trunk, with main and secondary branches. I found a rock I had purchased years ago which will go well with the tree. The rock has plenty of holes and crevasses for roots to grab on to. The proportion between the tree and the rock also looked right, So I decided to do a root over rock style with this tree.

Potentilla roots over rocks

There are some roots which were threaded into a large hole in the middle of the rock. The rest of the rock hanged nicely on top of the rock. Since a lot of the tree’s roots went directly through the rock, I have good confidence that this tree will survive the ordeal.

Potentilla roots over rock planted

I purposely planted the tree up high, in the future when the roots take hold, I would be able to gradually lower the soil and expose the rock and root. Eventually, I’ll be planting the tree into a much shallower pot.

Some air roots

The main branch was leaning back a bit, so I used some wires to give the trunk a tiny twist such that the main branch won’t be pointing backwards.

I then proceeded to plant the other two trees. One tree seems to lend itself into a multi-trunk style, so I laid it sideways and see if I can develop the three trunks.

Potentilla Triple Trunk

The last one I wasn’t so sure with. In fact, I don’t know whether it’ll survive the repot. I just planted it in a bonsai pot and see what becomes of it. I’m hoping it’ll sprout some new branches. I might just end up planting it in the ground as a shrub next Spring.



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