Got a Potentilla from Walmart for $7. Seems like to a good deal to start experimenting with a new tree. Potentilla has a mature looking trunk even at a very young age, it’ll be a good addition to my collection. This particular tree lends itself well to a cascade/semi-cascade style. Therefore, I potted it as such.

Potentilla as it first get potted to new pot

I only trimmed off a quarter of the roots to accommodate it in the pot. I was surprised how grossly over-potted the tree was. I then proceeded to reduce the foliage, to reduce the demand for moisture of the roots.

After pruning

After reducing all the dead branches, I can see more clearly the tree line.

Gap between two trunks

The tree was a twin trunk. The curved trunk was the more interesting of the two, but this composition allowed for an odd space between the two crossing branches. I decided to do something about the odd gap between the two trunks.

Closed the gap

The way I originally potted it had the trunk standing more straight up. I decided to further slant the tree such that it hangs more acutely over the rim of the pot. I also tied the trunk to the pot to accentuate the trunk movement downwards.

No more cap

The gap between the two trunks have virtually disappeared! My hopes is that the tree survived my abuse, and continue to fatten up the trunk. Next spring, I’ll heavily prune this tree to move the foliage back towards the trunk, making a more compact tree. I’ve read that Potentillas back-buds readily. It’s now sitting under a bench to help its recovery.



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