Pruning Spree

Took my Mugo Pine to the club social this past Wednesday to have have it looked at. Ended up pruning away much of the tree. The club members tell me that I don’t have to worry about the tree weakened by pruning away too much. That’s contrary to what I’ve read online. Since the Mugo pine isn’t of particularly great quality, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

Mugo Pine Pruned

Seeing that my other sugar maple keeps putting out new buds after rounds and rounds of continuous pruning, and also the internodes of my Japanese Maple is getting too long, I decided to prune it as well. I did some branches selection, and took out all that’s not necessary. Such that I won’t be left with inverse taper caused by too many branches stemming out from one spot of the trunk.

Japanese Maple Pruned

Now I just have to hope that the new growths will harden enough to survive the winter. I do feel the internode between the first branch and the second branch seems a bit wide. I guess that’s why the previous owner decided to sell it at the show despite the excellent nebari. If the new buds don’t survive the winter, I might contemplate doing a trunk chop on this one, and develop a proper branch by properly controlling its elongation via bud plucking early spring.

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