Larches Initial Styling

A seasoned member of the club passed away recently, and his wife donated some trees to the club. Some of the higher quality ones will be sold, while the lesser quality ones are given out to budding members (yours truly). I ended up taking 3 larches home.

Two small larches

These two larches are very thin and twiggy. In hopes of developing a thicker trunk, I simply removed the wires, and planted them in the ground.

Larch as I acquired it

This other larch has a relatively larger trunk, so I’ll be keeping it in its pot until next Spring. The bottom branches are too far up the trunk. I see a future of this tree as a literati style. I decided to do away with the top branch and use some of the lower branch as the new leader pointing down. I’ll also use a branch on the right to counter-balance the composition. Potentially I might remove the right branch and just develop the new apex.

Larch after pruning and styling

During next Spring, I’ll also be removing extraneous branches. I kept them for now because the tree doesn’t look particularly vigorous. I believe it’ll need all the branches to keep it alive. Hopefully after pruning and repotting next Spring, this tree will be revived.

Since I’m styling the above larch, I wanted to style my other larch which I bought previously at the club’s Spring show. I’m now very confident the tree will survive, since it has been growing very vigorously for the past few weeks.

Larch after pruning and styling

The new apex was already selected the last time I gave it a pruning. This time, I pruned out all the excess branches, and wired all remaining branches downwards to give an illusion of old age. This will be a formal upright. The tree has all the branches in the right place. This is an excellent material for the formal upright style.


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