Japanese Black Pine Needle Plucking and Grafting

Experimentation with the Japanese Black Pine continues. This time I will be plucking needles to redistribute vigor down to the lower and inner branches. The tree currently has a lot of growth up top.

Japanese Black PineSince there is a long stretch where there are no branches coming out, I have decided to use the upper portion as sacrifice to thicken up the trunk, while developing my lower branches to be the real tree. I first proceed to pluck the needles from the vigorous growth.

Plucked black pine needlesNow I also want to try my hand at grafting a scion to the trunk where there are currently no branches.

Jap Black Pine ScionI first select a scion, and make a wedge cut.

Cut on the parent treeI then made a cut on the trunk.

Insert scion onto trunkThen I inserted the scion firmly into the trunk

Wrapped with grafting tapeThen wrapped it tightly with grafting tape.

Bagged the scion

I finally put a bag over the scion to keep it moist, and hope for the best. I’m not too concerned if it doesn’t take, as this is all for a good learning process.


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