Boxwood Pruning

I brought my boxwood to the Toronto Bonsai Society’s backyard workshop/social event. I was given some advise on my boxwood. I always had the concern that the second branch and the first branch had too big of a gap in between.


Carlos our club president provided a simple resolution for the issue. Simply cut off the top, and go with a semi-cascade. I’ve always wanted a semi-cascade, but never had the opportunity to find material that suit that style. This tree also has excellent nebari on the other side of the cascade, which will counter-balance well the cascading tree. So, I took a saw to it, and left a jin. Since boxwood is a very hard wood, I shouldn’t have to worry about it rotting.

Boxwood as a semi-cascade

I also decided to give the other boxwood a pruning. I’ll probably continue to develop this one as an informal upright style.



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