Spring Pruning Means More Cuttings

Spring time is when trees awaken, and leaves begin to pop. It’s also the opportunity to identify which branch survived the harsh winter. After trimming the Japanese Quince and the Crab Apple trees. I quickly grabbed a pot and made cuttings out of the branches.

The Japanese Quince tends to be less resistant to sun, a few cuttings quickly dried up when I exposed them to full sun. The lesson learned is to keep fresh cuttings under shade until they develop some roots. I hope at least some of them would take root, such that I can develop some more Japanese Quinces in the future. I really like their small leaves, and big red flowers.

Japanese Quince Cuttings

Crab Apple cuttings seems to do much better as cuttings. They are coming along nicely in full sun.

Crab Apple Cuttings




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