Initial Styling Japanese Quince

I bought this Japanese Quince close to end of season last year. Therefore, I didn’t do anything to the tree. I merely buried it in the ground to overwinter. Now that the Japanese Quince is out of the ground, and some leave buds were forming, I decided to repot and perform some initial styling on the tree.

When I took the tree out of the nursery pot, I noticed that it had a lot of long roots down at the bottom of the pot. Notably, there wasn’t much roots close to the surface. I still went ahead and reduced the roots. Taking a bet here that that tree would be able to recover from the root pruning. When potting the tree in the colander, I meticulously arranged the roots in a radial manner.

Quince are naturally multi-trunk. I kept the tree as a multi-trunk style. I did however took out one trunk which didn’t fit the composition. I continued to arrange the trunks such that they do not overlap one another (this ensures all branches get sufficient sunlight).

The tree now rests under the table. It will remain down there for the next 3-4 weeks as it recovers. For the time being, I placed a hay-knitted mulch pad on top of the soil to ensure it maintains moisture. Now all I can do is wait for it to recover (or die).

Japanese Quince Initial Styling


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