Japanese Red Pine Seedling Cuttings

I got these seeds online, sowed them, and got myself three Japanese red pine seedlings. Originally 10+ seeds sprouted, but because I wasn’t misting them every morning, most of them eventually wittered and die shortly after they sprouted. These three seedlings came later, and I realized that misting them every morning was essential to their survival. They’re now several weeks old, so I decided to make seedling cuttings out of them.


This particular one was awfully small. After digging it up, it turns out the tap root has died off. I could also see it was developing a new root system. This is surprisingly a natural seedling cutting. I simply planted it into a larger pot with sand in the middle.

The other two seedling cuttings are made with he conventional way of cutting off the tap root, and then dipping it into some rooting hormone. The weather lately has been exceptionally warm, so I took the Japanese red pine seedling cuttings outside to soak up some extra sunlight. I placed a plastic colander upside down on top of the cuttings to act as a sun shade – just to be on the safe side. The last thing I want is to burn my only red pine seedling cuttings to a crisp.



With good care and full sun, hopefully these cuttings will quickly develop some roots. Can’t wait to see them develop some more in the coming months.


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