Crabapple Initial Styling

I got this crabapple tree at the last bonsai show sale. When I first got it, it looked quite dead. But I trusted that since it came from a senior member of the club, there should be somewhat of a quality assurance. So I took the plunge and bought it.


I can see the buds swelling up, and leaves should be popping anytime soon. Since it’s Spring for the tree, I decided to repot it.

Crapapple after repotting

The previous owner already did a trunk chop once, and I wanted to further develop the taper on the tree, so I chopped it again. I also removed some of the other branches which will be problematic if I let them developed more. I left the back facing branches as future sacrificing branches.


Since I freshly repotted this one. I’ll be leaving it under the table for a few weeks, before moving it out to full sun. Hopefully by that time it will still be alive, and sporting a full set of leaves.


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