Second Year Pine Seedling Cuttings

I planted two pine seedling cuttings during fall of last year. They were doing well all the way till winter hit. For overwintering, I had the option of burying the fragile seedling cuttings in the ground with the rest of the trees, or kept them in my garage. Coincidentally, we decided to create a porch enclosure in front of our front door. This provided me with an option of keeping the seedling cuttings in the porch enclosure, which enjoyed a bit of transfused heating from the side of the house. This heat allowed the trees to be kept all winter long just below freezing, while sheltered from the frigid winter winds. It also receives some sunlight, although only a tiny bit due to it being north facing, but I figured it was better than the pitch dark garage. So, that’s where the pine seedling cuttings spent the winter, I occasionally watered them when they looked too dry, but for the most part, they were just a frozen clumps of ice, so didn’t have to pay much attention to them.

Now that Spring is just around the corner, I decided to give them a boost start. I brought them back into the house to spend some time until they’ll move outside in the coming weeks. There were some new buds forming at the apex, which gave me some assurance the trees enjoyed the overwintering environment.


The white pine seedling cutting have a leave bud that’s wanting to pop. Hoping the warmer environment will force some new needles to form soon.


This black pine seedling cutting (from Science Center) is also doing well with a bud at the top.

I will be monitoring these seedling cuttings closely throughout the next few weeks to ensure they’re not too dry/wet. It’s difficult to keep the moisture level consistent indoors.


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