Spring Arrives Early for Tropicals

Tropicals are kept indoors to escape the icy death grip of the harsh Canadian winter. The brush cherries have been doing exceptional well under the LED light over winter. Now that Spring is just around the corner, the sun is travelling higher up in the sky, and light is streaming in through the south facing window, adding much welcomed sunlight to my growing area. The brush cherries are going through its Spring growth spurt and putting out a lot of new growths. I also started fertilizing them using the same fertilizer I give my orchids. Once the weather outside warms out, these will be out for a summer vacation.

Over the winter, I have also transferred them to larger pots with 50/50 organic/inorganic mixture. I’ve noticed that the brush cherries grows better with soil containing higher moisture. I also experimented with pot materials. I kept most of them in a plastic pot, and one in a terracotta pot. Since plastic is not porous and terracotta is porous, the medium dries up significantly faster in the terracotta pot in comparison to the plastic pot. The terracotta pot medium would dry up within a day, while the medium in the plastic pot will stay damp the whole week. The trees in the plastic pots have been doing noticeably better than the terracotta pot tree. Now I’m of the believe that these trees like moisture.

The lone tree in the terracotta pot.

Brush Cherry in Terracotta Pot


The other trees happily in their plastic pots.

Brush Cherry in Plastic Pot

Brush Cherry in Plastic Pot

Brush Cherry in Plastic Pot

Brush Cherry in Plastic Pot

Brush Cherry in Plastic Pot



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