Black Pine Restyling

The black pine I acquired earlier in May has bounced right back to a straight tree after I took out the biting wires. In retrospect, I should have left the wires on a bit longer until the wires bite it a little bit, to help the pine retain it’s shape. So now, I’m re-wiring the pine to ensure it’s not just a straight uninteresting tree.

Black Pine Before Styling

The goal was to reduce the height of the tree by wiring it down, and to start finding some candidates for main and secondary branches.

Black Pine After Styling

The tree looks a bit bare in the lower left. Unfortunately there are no branches there, so the idea is to take the right branch down to mimic a lower branch. The left most lower branch was supposed to be the main branch, but it might be too low on the trunk, creating too big of a gap between the main and second branch, so I might end up removing it and using the next branch up as the main branch. Might end up removing the top 1/3 of the tree next spring and use the little branch in the middle as the new leader. I’ll leave this tree alone for now, it still have a long winter ahead of it.

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