Fall Growths

After a very mild summer, the seedlings are beginning to put out some more new growths.

Black Pine Seedling Cutting Growing Slowly

This black pine seedling cutting is developing a brown trunk, although development is slow, but it looks quite healthy. From now on, I think I’ll always plant my seedling cuttings in bigger pots. I find them do better than the small ones. Possibly because the bigger pots don’t dry out thoroughly throughout the day. I’m thinking if the tree dries out, it hampers its development.

Black Pine Seedling Cutting with New Growth

This black pine seedling was also done this year, this one is growing very fast as evident from the new growth at the centre of the tree. I find that the pines like the turface more than akadama. Maybe because of the bad quality of my akadama, they seem to decompose and settle down to a dense muddy medium. Next spring I’ll pot the pines from akadama to turface.

Black Pine Growth at Lower Branches

The larger Mikawa black pine is also putting out some new growths in the lower parts of the tree after I rebalanced the energy through plucking out the top growths.

White Pine Seedling Cutting with New Growths

This white pine seedling cutting is putting out some new growths at the centre similar to the small black pine cutting seedling from above.

White Pine Seedling Cutting Slowly Growing

This white pine seedling cutting is progressing well. Although it has not put out any new growths, but it seems to be surviving. I’m contemplating whether to bury this one outside along with the other trees, or keep it in the garage this winter. It depends on how far along the root system develop by winter time.

Brush Cherry Cuttings Producing New Growths

The brush cherry cuttings are also putting out a lot of new growths. For the rest of autumn, I’ll continue to fertilize these trees with high phosphorus (low nitrogen) fertilizer to help them harden for the winter months.


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