Initial Styling of Boxwoods

Yesterday was the first meeting of the season. Although the theme of the meeting was Burning Bush, but I decided to bring in my boxwoods to be worked on during the workshop. Since I already purchased a dwarf Burning Bush just last week, I wasn’t going to participate in the workshop anyways. I brought in the two little Boxwoods I purchased a few weeks back. Grace persuaded me to bring the Boxwoods up for critique in the beginning of the meeting. John Biel think these two little ones can be good bonsai material. His suggestions were exactly what I wanted to do during the meeting, that gave me more confidence to carry out my plan on the tree. Time flies during the workshop, and before I knew it, it was already 10pm. Thankfully, I did finish what I wanted to work on.

Boxwood After First Styling

Boxwood After First Styling

On the bottom one, I left a sacrificing branch to help fatten up the main branch (and to heal the big wound right below the main branch). The challenge now is to ensure these plants survive the winter. Next year, I’ll contemplate burying them in the ground to help develop the trunk. But then again, I might keep them as Mame Bonsais, since Boxwoods don’t build much thickness in the trunk anyways. It’s only a decision to be made if they do survive the winter.


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