Dwarf Burning Bush Acquired

It’s fall season, so I’ve been stopping by a lot at Nurseries hunting for end-of-season deals. This weekend, I stopped by another Sheridan Nursery store to look for other prospective bonsai. Different stores from the same franchise offer different sales and stock. This time, the dwarf burning bush (Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’) is on sale. For $25 bucks (regular at $30), it offered quite an impressive trunk. Coincidentally, this month’s theme at the club is also burning bush, so I decided to make the purchase. It was the only one which had a sizable single trunk, so I bought this one rather than the others.

Tag of Dwarf Burningbush

Dwarf Burningbush Nursary Stock

After taking it home, I sized up the trunk, believing that the nebari is just below the soil.

Dwarf Burningbush Trunk?

Since I had some time left before dinner time, so I decided to repot the plant into a colander. I digged in and removed the soil to hunt for the nebari. I keep going, and going, and going… and yet there are still more soil, and no nebari. After digging down 15cm or so, I finally got to the root ball. I then removed some soil, lose root, then repotted it into the colander. My son also helped me with the repotting.

Dwarf Burningbush Repotted

A closeup of the trunk shows that the trunk is actually longer than originally imagined.

Dwarf Burningbush Real Trunk

The plan is not to style the plant until next Spring. At which time, without the leaves, it’ll make it easier to style the tree.


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