Two Boxwoods

Was flipping through the flyers last week and noticed that Lowes were selling boxwoods for $7.50. I figured it’s a good opportunity to get started on a species I never looked at before. So I took the plunge. After spending a good half an hour digging through 30+ boxwoods, I found several that I liked. One had an impressive twin trunk, but not much to be desired in terms of the nebari. Another had a really nice spreading nebari, but all the roots were hair-fine. I end up taking home two boxwoods. One with an impressive nebari, and another with nice leaves (all the other ones there had dark green leaves, and only this one had bright green jade looking leaves).

First, the tree with the impressive nebari. I was surprised to find one with such a wide spreading nebari, because all the other trees either had roots off to one side, or really fine roots. This nebari tapered up really nicely.
Boxwood's impressive nebariThe other tree has a nice leave color, I liked how each leave is surrounded by a white border.

Boxwood's nice leave colorAfter getting the trees, I found out they are evergreen trees. References online indicate that pruning can happen all year long except late fall. So I decided to get to work and do some pruning to shape it into a bonsai. This time, I purposely not prune too much, such that the tree can recover. I also opted to do repotting come next spring. I’ve already lost too many trees this year, I decided to take it easy.

This is the boxwood with the nice nebari after pruning. I didn’t have thick enough wires to wire down the main branch. I’ll probably do it either in the Sept Bonsai Club meeting, or during the Oct meeting.

Boxwood with spreading nebariAnd the other boxwood with the nice leave color.

Boxwood with nice leave color


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