White Pine Seedling

Bought some white pine seeds from online, and the instructions calls for a warm stratification of 60 days follow by 90-120 days of cold stratification. I was surprised to find that two seeds were already sprouting close to 60 days of stratification.

White Pine Seeds Sprout in Bag

Since they didn’t need the cold stratification to break out, I potted them straight into a pot, hoping to turn these into seedling cuttings as well. But first, need to develop them into a viable seedling.

White Pine Seedling Potted

There’s another one which only put out a small root, but no stem yet. For that one, I bury it slightly into the soil.

White Pine Seed Potted

One of the black pines from the seeds collected from the Science Centre has also sprouted. Sadly, other than that one seed, all the other black pine seeds remained dormant… I’m still hopeful that they will eventually sprout as well.

First Science Centre Black Pine Seedling

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