Japanese Quince

Stopped by at a local nursery today and looked at what was there. Because it’s still not autumn yet, there are no tree sales to be had. While crawling around, I found a Japanese Quince that seems to be around the nursery for some years now (the tag’s colors are faded, and the tree has been pruned).

Japanese Quince Name Tag

I’ll just bring it home and grow it in the pot until autumn comes, where I’ll train some of the branches. I won’t be doing any pruning or re-potting until next spring. The prime objective will be to keep it alive till next spring.

Japanese Quince

Before purchasing the plant, I did some digging around its root ball. I noticed that it has a pretty big root ball.

Root of Japanese Quince

When it comes to repotting next spring, I’ll find out how big the root ball really is. As a bonus, I’ve noticed that there’s a small Japanese Quince Seedling on the side of the pot.

Japanese Quince Seedling

I rather not disturb it now, and wait till it develop a better root system. Similar to the parent tree, I’ll repot it next spring. By that time I should be able to grow it in an individual pot.


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