Black Pine Seedling Cutting

A black pine seedling looks to be ready to be transformed into a cutting seedling.

Black Pine Seedling ready for Cutting

Creating a cutting out of the seedling will hopefully yield a more uniform nebari. First, I added some granular bonsai mix and then filled the middle with sand for the cutting to settle in. Unlike before, I’m potting the seedling cutting into a bigger 3″ pot. I poked a hole in the middle of the sand, ready to accept the seedling cutting. This will ensure the seedling cutting trunk is not damaged, and that the rooting hormone will not be wiped off by the sand.

Pot Ready to Receive Seedling Cutting

Now I take the seedling out of its ceramic pot, ready to cut off the tap root.

Seedling Out of Original Pot

I used a razer to cut off the tap root.

Transformed into Seedling Cutting

I then discard the root, and dipped the seedling cutting into a gel-like rooting hormone. Holding the leaves, I carefully position the seedling cutting into the hole in the new pot, and gently pat the sides to secure the seedling cutting.

Close Up of Seedling Cutting

I then put the seedling cutting under a colander such that it’ll receive filtered light. After one week of development, the leaves continue to develop, hopefully this seedling cutting is well on its way to develop some new roots.

Black Pine Seedling Cutting after 1 week


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