Sowing Black Pine Seeds

As a precaution against fungus growth, I’ve been checking the seeds in the fridge weekly for any signs of mold. I was surprised to find that there were some seeds which already sprouted while in the fridge. I promptly took them out from the fridge and potted them into their own ceramic pots. They’re now growing nicely and have shed the seed coating.
Seedling Waiting to Become Cutting SeedlingAnother seedling was coming along nicely, when suddenly some damping off occurred, and I had to remove the seed from the seedling.
Seedling Waiting to Become Cutting SeedlingI’ll probably make seedling cuttings out of these seedlings in order to have a better chance at spreading roots. The above two seeds were from the black pines from Clairlea park. I also planted the rest of the seeds. Although the seeds have only been in the fridge for 45 days (versus the suggested 60 days), I decided to sow them anyways. I wanted to give them more time to develop before winter hits. When winter comes around, I’ll probably have to protect these seedlings in the garage rather than burying them outside.
Black Pine Seeds from Clairlea ParkThere are roughly 170 seeds there, so I’m hoping that at least some of them would sow. Given that two have already sprouted, I’m pretty confident some of these are viable.

I have also collected some seeds from the back pines at the Science Centre. These black pines doesn’t have the thick trunk that the Clairlea pines have, but they do have some nice compact needles. I also sowed them this past weekend. There are roughly 80 seeds in total. One of which already sprouted a short root, I’m hoping to see them all pop out in the coming week or so.
Black Pine Seeds from Science Centre


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