Larch On The Blink

The Larch I acquired at last month’s workshop is experiencing some major challenges. When working in the workshop, I’ve had conflicting recommendations regarding aftercare. Some indicated that tree should stay in shade for 2 weeks before gradually introducing it to full sun, another suggests that it’ll do just fine in full sun, and require the full sun to help it grow more buds. Unfortunately, I took the wrong advise of leaving it in full sun.


Stressed Out Larch

The tree is currently very stressed, all the existing needles turned brown. Also, I’m pretty sure the “child” tree is dead. Fortunately, the “parent” tree seems to have pulled through, and is now putting out some new growths to replace the dead foliage. I’m keeping this tree in semi-shade until July, hoping that it’ll regain some strength to face the full sun. Else, I might just keep it in semi-shade until next year to see if it recovers or dies over winter.


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