Pruning Cotoneaster

The last bonsai meeting of the season happened this past Monday. The meeting was a workshop for members to work on their trees. It provided me some time to work on my Cotoneaster. As usual, lots of members have lots of opinions, but at the end, it’s my tree, so I make the decisions. After two hours of heavy trimming, this is what I arrived at.

Cotoneaster After Pruning

I might end up pruning the lower right branch next season, but I think I’ve stressed the tree enough for this year. The larch I acquired in the previous bonsai meeting isn’t doing too well. Namely, I believe the “child” tree of the dual trunk has died. I believe it’s partially due to exposing the tree to direct sunlight without giving it sufficient time to recover. From now on, I’ll be sure to keep heavy pruned, wired, or re-potted trees under shade for 3 weeks until gradually introducing it back to full sun. Needless to say, this Cotoneaster will remain under the table until July.


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