Potting Up Brush Cherries

The Brush Cherry Cuttings I got back in March are showing some new growths after I moved them out doors under the protection of a colander. The colander allows in around 50% light, and the Brush Cherry cutting seems to like that a lot. The cuttings was growing in pure vermiculite. It’s been haunting me that the medium may be too water retaining, and may eventually rot the roots coming from these cuttings. I bite the bullet and decided to pot up these cuttings into their own space. But to do that, I first have to dug them up. I was surprised that most of these cuttings didn’t have any roots, although new growth can be seen from these cuttings.

Brush Cherry with no Visible Roots

Nevertheless, I still plotted them as if they had roots. Inspecting closely at the injured end of the cutting, I can see some callus formed which wraps the wound. Perhaps these pseudo-roots were acting as roots and drawing moisture.

Brush Cherry with Visible Roots

It is encouraging that four cuttings had visible roots. But rather than radial roots, they were tapping roots. As tapping roots doesn’t make for an attractive Nebari, I trimmed the roots to force some back-rooting and hopefully some radial roots.

Brush Cherry Repotted in Turface

The left most column and the one at the back on the second column had roots. The rest had “pseudo-roots”. I dipped them all in rooting hormone before repotting them into pure Turface. These will again be sitting outside under the colander at least until July.


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