Cotoneaster Cuttings

As a result of heavily pruning the Cotoneaster, I netted with a lot of cuttings. It seems a terrible waste to throw it all away, so I decided to strike them up as cuttings. If they decided to root for me, I’ll end up with many tiny Cotoneaster plants. I also decided to use this opportunity as an experiment to see what medium works best for cuttings. I’ve potted the cuttings in pure vermiculite, pure¬†akadama, and a 50/50 mixture of sphagnum moss and Turface (granular absorbent).

Cotoneaster in Vermiculite Medium

Cuttings in pure vermiculite. I have read online that this material holds too much water. I also don’t like how the material still contains finer grains (even after sifting), and eventually settle down to the bottom and clog the drainage holes.

Cotoneaster in Turface and Sphagnum Moss Medium

From what I read online, the sphagnum moss adds to water retention, and contributes to fighting fungus growth. The Turface provides good structure (to secure the cuttings), as well as provides sufficient air movement for the roots to breath. According to the books, this is looking to be the winner.

Cotoneaster Cuttings in Akadama

I’ve also rooted some cuttings in Akadama, I’m better those will be the runner up. In a few weeks, I’ll see the yield rate of these three batches.

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