Summer Growths

The new Japanese Black Pine is already growing vigorously. I’ve been fertilizing it aggressively, with lots of sunshine. My only concern is that the medium maybe too water retaining, so I’ve been refraining from watering it too often. I’ll be sure to re-pot it come next spring.

Japanese Black Pine Vigorous Growth

The Mugo Pine Mops is also growing strongly. I’ve decandled it a week back, and the remaining needles are extending out. I’ve noticed that the needles are much longer than last year’s growth. I believe it’s because of the aggressive fertilizing I’ve been putting it through.

Mugo Pine Mops Vigorous Growth

The black pine seedling cuttings are still holding strong. Two of which is showing signs of new growth, yet two other is still looking dormant.

Black Pine with Bud Emerging

The bud is about to pop. Can’t wait to see the new needles come out. I’ve been giving it moderate amounts of fertilizer to hurry it along.

Black Pine with Swelling Bud

Another seedling cutting with a swelling bud about to burst.

Black Pine on The Verge of Death

This seedling is looking very sad… nothing much I can do now than to wait it out and see if it recovers with some new growth. If not, it’ll probably not last the winter. There isn’t much foliage left to create any food…

Black Pine Showing No Growth, But Not Dead Either.

This seedling is looking very much the same for the past few months. Yet it doesn’t look dead, so I’ll just wait a bit for it to get accustomed to the environment, maybe then it’ll put out some new growth.


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